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Sviiter HUSKY Jr


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HUSKY sviiter koosneb villast ja polüestrist, ühendades mõlema materjali parimad omadused. Vill annab sooja ja pehmust, polüester juhib niiskuse kehast eemale ja aitab kangal topiliseks muutumata vormis püsida.

A base-layer sweater can be so much. Everything from a top to sleep in to a favourite base layer in winter. When it came to creating our HUSKY base layer, what mattered was that it was relatively thin, soft and stretchy, but still hard-wearing. To achieve that combination, we had to combine the properties of wool with those of a synthetic fabric. The wool provides warmth and softness, while the synthetic fabric makes the garment stretchy, adds durability and naturally wicks away moisture. Our base layers can be washed at 40 °C, which is practical for the busy parents of small children. This garment keeps its shape and function without pilling, no matter how much you wash it. Our HUSKY base-layer sweater has flatlock seams to minimise chafing of sensitive skin and is cut longer at the back to avoid a gap between top and pants. Details are important in our eyes.



  • Materjal: 50% vill, 50% polüester
  • Ökoprofiil: Muelsing free wool
  • Kaal: 160g/m2
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